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The Product

With Pleura-safe it is possible to feed, but particularly to dissipate fluid, particularly from the pleural space in case of a pleural effusion.

The usage of a Veres-needle prevents injuries to the lung during the puncture. A color-indicator shows the operator if the needle is sharp or not. The color-indicator moves forward and indicate the operator that the needle has entered the pleural cavity.

After the successful puncture, the operator can aspirate fluid or air out of the pleural cavity through the needle, directly into the connected syringe (50ml) in order to check the position or to take a specimen. 
If there is more fluid in the pleural cavity and/or there is a need of a longer drainage of the pleural effusion, the needle can be removed out of the catheter so that the catheter still remains in the human thorax and allows the operator to derive more fluid through a connected exhaust device and through a syringe into a collecting bag.

The innovative exhaust device, an automatic three-way-valve, allows the operator the aspiration of the pleural effusion with a syringe and the injection of the aspirated fluid trough the syringe into a collecting bag without any switchover.

The operator can execute these steps without any changes of a valve, stopcock or the used devices itself.

Pleura-safe is manufactured exclusively by certified European companies. It has been developed in consultation with leading specialists to meet the most modern requirements.

The Pleura-safe ® Safety Thoracentesis Kit includes:

  1. Cannula for puncture (type “Veres needle”) with a check valve,
  2. Catheter with a stopcock and a drainage tube at the shaft of the catheter, in front of the stopcock, with a automatic three-way-valve
  3. 60ml syringe
  4. 2000ml drainage bag.

The main advantages are:

  • Safety puncture needle: type “Veres needle”. Therefore very low risk of injury.
  • Drain of the pleural effusion: Option of taking a specimen directly with the needle or a repeatedly aspiration with the catheter. The transferation of the effusion, trough the syringe, to the bag is possible without switchovers – simply by pressing the syringe.
  • Easy handling: Unique, separate connections of syringe and drainage bag to the automatic three-way-valve.
  • Staff requirements: lesser because there is only a need of one assistance for the puncture respectively the positioning of the patient. To hold the canula in position respectively the manipulation of the 3-way-valve is not necessary.
  • Drainage of the pleural effusion: active possible (with the syringe)
  • Additionally it is possible to leave the catheter in the pleural cavity. It relates to a very thin drain if it is used for a long term execution.
  • Pleura-safe ® is suitable for immediate use
  • It is latex-free and provides a very high degree of safety for patient and medical staff.
  • The catheter itself can be X-Rayed and its position in the pleural cavity easily detected.

The Safety Thoracentesis Kit Pleura-safe ®, compared to conventional techniques of sets for a puncture, offers increased security regarding to injuries, easier handling, lesser personnel expenses during the drainage, and the possibility to use the catheter as a „mini-drain” for a longer drainage of the pleural effusion.

Therefore Pleura-safe ® is clearly superior to conventional techniques for a puncture or drainage.

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