About us


The Team

Allomed Medtech GmbH sells medical products since 2004.
The general management has overtaken a 25 years existing medical technical business from EBEWE Pharma GesmbH, a big pharmaceutical company in Austria operating worldwide, by a management buyout in June, 2004.

It’s main business areas are: anaesthesia, intensive care, surgery, OR, traumatology, orthopaedic, urology, gynaecology, incontinence care, neurosurgery, endoscopy and much more.

The whole team of Allomed is working in their areas from 8 up to 25 years. Therefore we can guarantee for a very good and long termed relationship with our customers. With our sales team we cover the whole market in hospital care and bandagists/special shops of orthopaedics in Austria.
We have many partners in Europe, in the USA and in other countries, and we distribute them successful for many years exclusive in Austria and partially also in Germany.
In September 2007 we have established also a branch office in Germany.

Please contact us for further information: office@allomed.at